This blog first began when I was a month into a new relationship. As a single mum with 2 needy children and a very neurotic dog, I didn’t know whether I was coming or going. What I did know was that I really liked this guy, we had a great connection and not pursuing it wasn’t an option. I wanted somewhere I could write about my thoughts, share my experiences and look back at my life during what was a very tumultuous time.

In a way it worked – I had the blog, I had the relationship and zip forward 18 months I still have the blog and the relationship but I haven’t posted nearly as much as I thought I would. Last year I ran a weekly column called ‘Five Things I Learned This Week‘ on my business website, it was all about our crazy shenanigans as a blended family and when it came to the end of the week I was too blogged out to post on here.

No 2 relationships look the same and the relationship I’m in now is a world away from the relationship I had with my ex-husband. This relationship is infinitely more rewarding and with 3 small(er than us) people relying on us, the stakes feel much higher. Sometimes I write here about my struggles with my partner (not in a passive aggressive ‘I’m right because I’ve published it on the internet’ way) other times I write about my (platonic – I’m not that kind of girl!) relationships with others.

Either way, grab a cup of tea and a Kit Kat and dive in.

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