We’re having a baby! In just under 12 weeks our crazy family will have a grand total of 2 adults, 4 children, 5 fish, 1 cat and a dog.

We were very nervous of telling the kids. After all. Nothing says ‘we’re all going to be cemented together forever’ in quite the same way as a brand new sibling arriving.

We worried about the kids feeling jealous. Of feeling stuck with each other. Of feeling stuck with me and my partner. We worried they’d play up, be unmanageable and generally prefer their other parents to us. Turns out we didn’t need to worry at all; they all have varying levels of excitement at the thought of the impending arrival. Turns out the youngest had been sick of being the youngest and ordered around by the big ones for quite a while and other than one of our three children not liking the name we’ve chosen for the baby, all is good.

When I say all is good I’m not referring to the endless questions. It’s been easier to handle the questions from the older kids (who are 9 and 12) as they know where babies come from and do not want to discuss it as they don’t like to think of me and my partner going any further than holding hands and sharing the occasional kiss. Therefore their questions are more focused around where the baby will sit in the car, who will share a room with it etc.

This week, whilst in the middle of a carnival surrounded by hundreds of people my 6 year old loudly announced ‘Mummy, babies don’t just pop out of tummies do they? Where do they come from?’ I’ve always promised myself I’d be honest with the kids, using the correct terminology for them and not subject them to my own experience of growing up where my Mother never even used words for our privates.

I braced myself, wished that I was anywhere else (as did my Step-Daughter and Son) and explained that women have a vagina which is for babies to come out of. Just as I was congratulating myself for taking the bull by the horns and being so honest he burst out laughing and said he didn’t believe me. Brilliant. I’m sure all the other people surrounding us (we’re at a carnival remember) were nodding along but the little one wouldn’t be convinced.

I know I said I’d always be honest with the kids but next time a question is bellowed at me in a very public place I think I might fein a migraine and go for a lie down leaving his older siblings to fill him in.

Photo by Braedon McLeod on Unsplash