I don’t know one person who believes they have this parenting thing nailed. I’m certainly don’t have the answers. Like all parents, my kids can alternately drive me to distraction and remind me that I love them so much it hurts. All at the same time. I look around at my kids and wonder how have I been at this parenting gig for nearly a decade? How have I been responsible, kept them alive and turned up to school events without really dropping the ball?

Winging it plays a big part, as the kids grow and get older I start to understand them and me a little bit more. When my step-daughter came on the scene I got to be a bonus parent. I learn new things from her every day, namely kindness, compassion and to not take myself too seriously. The last one I’m working on. Especially as I asked my son the other day why he didn’t want to be seen with me in school? I pressed and asked him ‘I’m a really cool Mum right?’ I won’t be shaking his withering reply from my brain anytime soon but safe to say, it’s probably time to retire the (p)leather trousers…. on the school run anyway.

You won’t find any parenting advice here…. I’m not that kind of Mum. We go with what works in our household and if something stops working we come up with something else. We usually try to involve the kids in the misguided thought that they’ll then take some responsibility for the new plan. My step-daughter often follows this to the letter, my boys don’t even acknowledged we’ve spoken.

My baby days are long gone and even at the time I didn’t really care whether people breastfed or formula fed, how they weaned or what sleep schedule they adhered to. As long as, as a family they were happy, loved and healthy, that’s the most we can wish for.

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