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As you can imagine, family life is complicated. Not just in a ‘my childhood was…..’ manner. I am from a blended family – my Mum’s second child (my twin, being born 7 minutes after me is technically the 3rd) and my Dad’s 4th child. Dad’s on wife number 3, Mum’s on husband number 2. I have 2 sisters quite a lot older than me and a brother & sister.

Having seen the intricacies of relationships from my parents and siblings I knew that ‘happily ever after’ is just a made up concept which Walt Disney amplified so that all of us who buck the trend feel like we’re failing. I often refer to ‘the Disney dream’. Never in a good way.

My own family comprises my two boys, my step-daughter, my live-in partner, a skittish cat and a neurotic dog. Some days (when the kids are getting on) life feels (almost, there’s always room for a lottery win) perfect. Other days, when one of the kids other parents is playing up, the dog is getting on my nerves and my partner and I are on the wrong end of each other, I wonder why I gave up drinking.

Since becoming a parent my relationship with my own parents changed a lot and don’t be surprised if they don’t really feature in things. We tend to limit our experiences to family gatherings.  I have an amazing cousin who, a couple of years ago trooped off to Australia and didn’t come back and the best friend a girl could wish for, who is always there at *just* the right moment.

That’s pretty much all you need to know. You’ll figure out the rest as you go along.

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