Welcome to This Complicated Life. When isn’t life complicated? I grew up as part of a blended family when blended families weren’t really the norm. Now they seem to be, if not 10 a penny, at least 5 a penny and as of a couple of years ago, my kids and I became another of them.

When I set up this blog I decided to make it anonymous so I could have the freedom to write without people knowing who was writing. It only occurred to me, as I was pouring out my soul (on a sporadic basis, I’m no good at regular blogging) that the anonymity may help those reading it too.

There’s not really any rhyme nor reason to my posts but they tend to fall into the categories below. (Click on the title to be taken directly to that page).

I’ve put them into separate categories, on separate pages so you can dive into whichever page suits your mood at the time you land on this site. If you’d rather read whatever’s new without having to look for it, the latest posts are below. Please feel free to read and comment. Remember – we’re all fighting our own battles. Be kind in your comments. In return I’ll be kind to you.

About Me

“Embrace the

glorious mess

that you are.”

Liz Gilbert

For complicated reasons, this blog needs to be anonymous. Therefore I can only tell you about me and not tell you my name (no hardship as I’m not overly attached to it).

I live in London (UK), am in my mid (just) 30s and am a parent to two young boys. I was married for six years, a single parent for one year and am in the second year of a relationship with my partner who lives with us. I’m not sure quite how that defines whether I’m a single or co-parent, suffice to say, with 2 kids below the ages of 10, some days are a matter of survival. During the 6 years of marriage I was subjected to extensive emotional, sexual and domestic abuse.

I have been a blogger for 8 years and have had to leave my old blog as it had my name attached to it and my ex-husband was repeatedly trolling it. It was probably the right time to do so. Life moves on and never seems to get less complicated and why should it? It’s in the complications that we can find glimmers of hope, shreds of happiness and build futures that we never thought possible.

Join me on my journey……. I’d love to take you along for the ride.

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